Cleco is a regulated utility company headquartered in Pineville, Louisiana. Cleco's roots go back to the 1906 installation of a 25 kWh Corliss steam-driven generating plant in Bunkie, LA.

Because ice was necessary long before electricity, ice manufacturing fostered the early development of the South's electric industry. Small steam or internal combustion electric motors powered the machinery that ran ice plants. Ice companies used power to light the plants and distributed excess energy to nearby homes and businesses. As demand increased, more facilities were needed to supply electricity and, eventually; manufacturing and delivering electricity became more important than making ice.

In 1914, Cleco added a 50 kWh diesel engine to the plant to produce ice and light; and in 1935, it became part of Louisiana Ice & Electric Company, which today is known as Cleco Corporation.
Cleco Headquarters - Pineville, Louisiana
Brame Energy Center

Today, the company has approximately 1,200 employees serving approximately 288,000 customers in Louisiana through its retail business and supplies wholesale power in Louisiana and Mississippi. We offer reasonable rates, reliable service and a customer-focused workforce. Cleco owns nine generating units with a total nameplate capacity of 3,310 megawatts, 11,931 miles of distribution lines and 1,305 miles of transmission lines.

We use multiple generating sources and multiple fuels to serve our customers. In addition to power generated by Cleco units, we have access to purchased power when it's needed and when it's more cost effective than our generation

Cleco proactively embraces innovation and will continue to evolve as new energy solutions become a reality.

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A model of a successful public-private partnership, the Cleco Alternative Energy Center is an $8M facility located on the campus of
the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. This Center is dedicated to investigating ways to provide clean and affordable energy to America's
homes and businesses. Research areas include biomass gasification, torrefaction, and digestion.  For more information, click here.


We at Cleco provide a critical product and service to our customers. The following vision and values
guide our actions as we fulfill our responsibilities to our customers, our employees,
our communities and our stakeholders:


  • To be the leading energy company in Louisiana

    To be the leading company in Louisiana, we must:
  • Bring our customers value by providing energy and related solutions supporting their quality of life, allowing them to be more productive and secure in their daily lives.
  • Transform and safely manage our business with the goal of operational excellence.
  • Partner and invest to help our communities, our state and our company grow.


  • SAFETY: The safety of our employees and our community comes first.
  • RESPECT: We embrace diversity and hold our employees, customers, communities and investors in the highest regard.
  • COMMUNITY: We accept and appreciate the responsibility and significance of our citizenship and contributions for our communities, state and nation.
  • EXCELLENCE: We will maintain the highest standard of ethics and achieve positive outcomes for our stakeholders.